Professional Development

More and more organisations are now discovering the amzing benefits of staff development and I have seen, first hand, how team "away" days can vastly increase moral and productivity.  We are able to offer many different options, for staff development days, ranging from a simple walk in the countryside,to boost moral, through to a full weekend discovering and assessing risk or staff management techniques.  All of our development courses are completely bespoke and we like to spend time with yourselves, assessing your requirements and then designing a course around your needs.  We can also arrange everything outside of the activities, including room hire, catering and overnight accommodation, to suit a wide range of budgets, so that your team do really get the full package. 

Although our packages are completely bespoke, below are two example, to begin your ideas:

Example 1 - Afternoon Team Moral Booster (From just £15.00pp)

Your team will spend 3 hours, working as a group to navigate around some beautiful countryside, under the supervision of a local guide.  During this time they will get the opportunity to informally get to know other members within the team, whilst walking past babling brooks and through tranquil woodlands.  The walk will conclude at a local pub, where the team will be served traditional country pub meal, in a relaxed atmosphere, before the guide leaves them to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Example 2 - Two Day Challenge (From just £125.00pp)

The two days start with basic navigation introduction and development session, where the team will get to grips with reading maps and navigating routes.  After a heartly lunch the team will set off, into the hills, to reach a selection of checkpoints, where they will gain vital pieces of equipment, to be used at a later point.  At some of these there may be a challenge, which they have to complete, before being allowed to continue, on their journey.  Once they reach their days finish point, they will be met with a heartly meal and have the opportunity to relax, at their comfortable overnight accommodation.  Day two starts with a recap of how the team rose to the previous days challenge and what resources they managed to acquire.  These resources will then be allocate, to enable the team to construct a raft, which will transport them safely around a course, to a point on the far side of an open lake.  Once they reach their destination, they will complete a full feedback and review session, allowing them to highlight the greater understanding they now have of each other and the support they have both offered and been offered.

For further information and to arrange a visit, to discuss your possible requirements, please Contact Us.

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