About Me

As a child, I spent most of my summers on activity trips, run by the local council, or outside playing in woods, streams and fields.  The instructors on these camps inspired me so much that I decided I wanted to progress further and develop my skills, so that I could also improve those of others.

As soon as I was old enough, I started instructing rock climbing, at a centre on the South coast.  This was one of those national companies that runs camps for children, so the hours were long, I was paid very little, but I had an amazing summer.  From here, I moved on to coach in many different centres, for many different organisations, in many parts of Europe.  I then moved on to centre management, which progressed to becoming the manager of adventurous residentials for some 3,000 young people, taking part in a Cabinet Office funded programme.


Having worked in the outdoors for over 15 years, I have built up a wealth of experience and qualifications.  I am currently a Level 3 Open Canoe and Kayak coach, BCU UKCC Course Tutor, Mountain Leader and Single Pitch Climbing Instructor, with a vast knowledge of health and safety in the outdoor environment.

I am an avid believer in outdoor learning and that everyone is capable of developing their skills, or learn new things.  I have spent a lot of time developing my own skills, experiences and knowledge which, in turn, allows me to understand and develop each any every person I work with in their own specific way.


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